1     It can use as spy for  ARMY / AIRFORCE / CBI

2    In case of any bomb detected, it send SMS automatically  to

the required persons / Police

3     In case of any bomb detected it produce  audio alarm automatically

GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is the technology that underpins most of the world’s mobile phone networks. The GSM platform is a hugely successful wireless technology and an unprecedented story of global achievement and cooperation. Today’s GSM platform is living, growing and evolving and already offers an expanded and feature-rich ‘family’ of voice and multimedia services. GSM currently has a data transfer rate of 9.6k. New developments that will push up data transfer rates for GSM users are HSCSD (high speed circuit switched data) and GPRS (general packet radio service) are now available. So keeping this in mind, we are designing a device that uses the latest mobile technology called GSM modem technology. One advantage in this technology is that any data to be transferred can be done without any wire communication that is the wireless communication. In recent days the communication used for conversation is the mobile communication


Embedded C, Keil demo version with simulator, express PCB and Express schematic.


This GSM technology is used for many applications like process control, energy metering, security system, remote applications etc.Among this we are making a project on machine process control using this GSM modem. GSM modem is a device, which has all the protocol of GSM standards embedded into a micro controller and this function are controlled by standard AT commands of GSM technology.In this project we use an 89c51 micro controller , which belongs to the Intel 8051 family Architecture. This particular micro controller is wired to GSM modem through the serial RS 232 UART . relays for controlling the machines, input drivers to connect for the sensors and other accessories as shown in the block diagram. The GSM with micro controller will be wired to the machine to some sensors like bomb detector,. Whenever any sensors send an output, the GSM device will analyze according to what we have programmed and then it sends to the micro controller. The micro controller will check this command in the database and then sends the required SMS to the owner by connecting to the GSM modem connected to the micro controller. Or even it makes a call to the required person. If the person sends any SMS to the particular mobile the micro controller will receive it and then process according to the command. The microcontroller will receive this data and first verify the phone number with master (owner) phone number .if it matches then it will compare the SMS with the stored SMS in the database. When any of the SMS matches then will see what function has to be carried out, once this SMS is received .If the function is to switch off the machine then it will switch off the machine.
GSM modem characteristics

Dual Band or Triband GSM GPRS modem (EGSM 900/1800MHz) / (EGSM 900/1800 / 1900 MHz)

Designed for GPRS, data, fax, SMS and voice applications

Fully compliant with ETSI GSM Phase 2+ specifications (Normal MS)

General characteristics

Input voltage: 8V-40V

Input current: 8mA in idle mode, 150mA in communication GSM 900 @ 12V

Temperature range: Operating -20 to +55 degree Celsius; Storage -25 to +70 degree Celsius

Overall dimensions: 80mm x 62mm x 31mm / Weight: 200g


RS-232 through D-TYPE 9 pin connector

RJ11 voice connector

Power supply through Molex 4 pin connector

SMA antenna connector

Toggle spring SIM holder

Red LED Power on

Green LED status of GSM / GPRS module

Comfort GSM Module

The UCM/GSM provides a cellular phone connection to Comfort. This gives Comfort the following abilities;

1. Acts as a backup for alarm dial-out when the land line is faulty or cut.

2. Allows the user to dial to the GSM number instead of the land line to access Comfort menus. There is no voicemail on this line.

3. Allows Comfort to report alarms to the users cellular phones via SMS (Short Message Service).4. Allows users to send commands to control home appliances and the security system via Requires a SIM card to be inserted, just like with a cellular phone.


89S52-Atmel (www.Atmel.Com)

Memory Atmel 24C04 4k EEPROM (www.Atmel.com)

LCD-Liquid Crystal Display 2×16

Power Supply Standard Type 5v DC

RS232 for Serial Communication

Buzzer-Iron Make Switch. Freq-1 to 18khz.Volt-5v-12Vdc

GSM modem


Bomb detector

Fire sensor

Panic switches.

Automatic announcement

Download the .doc file of the project with block diagram here.

GSM based bomb dector

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